BeeBrix© is an office adminstration application that allows organisations to track their users in many different ways as well as providing a central hub for all HR - please contact us for more information.

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Use integrated systems to create Users, Teams, Clients and Projects, allowing you manage and monitor your Workforce and Clients in real time with accurate reporting.

Each team will have a team leader and each project can be allocated to one or more person.

Projects can be allocated value and estimated hours.

Hours per person, total hours per project etc are available in report format to Senior Staff members

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From each staff members dashboard/homepage they can request holidays, see pending and already approved holidays.

Working days, hours and number of days holiday setup.

Holidays will be approved by a Team Leader


From each staff members dashboard/homepage they can with a single click record their hours on a project, be on a break or out of the office.

Only projects allocated to a person will appear on their Dashboard.

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The asset register allows you to log and track all of your organisations IT assets - approved software, hardware and information assets.

Logging all of your assets will greatly help when trying to gain accreditations.

The BeeBrix asset register not only details every element of your asset, but also tracks historical changes making them fully auditable.

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Create your Clients and attach Projects (including values and estimated hours) and allocate team members to them.

Integrating with other BeeBrix modules, Projects record, who is working on them, total and individual time spent, estimated time/cost and actual time/cost of project.

PDF and CSV reports are available to Senior members of Staff.


Todos can be set both personally and for any users who you manage.

A todo can be marked as priority and given a deadline with relevant indicators highlighting their status.

Managers/project leaders can view any todos they have set for their staff.

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BeeBrix offers a variety of organisational tools to help record, track and analyse your companies staff, assets, locations and workload.

You can also log critical information pertaining to your business changes and internal events. This simple, auditable data will be essential when trying to obtain various accreditations.


From each staff members dashboard/homepage they can make expense claims.

These can be either a millage claim where they record millage and reason for trip, or another expense where they will record the item and then upload an image of the receipt.

Expenses will be approved by a Senior Member of Staff and reports can be printed as PDF or CSV.

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BeeBrix© now has a demo app available for you to try out yourself. If you are interested in trying the demo, or have any other enquiries, please contact us at [email protected] for login details/further information.

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